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JJ Black Wayfarer Sunglasses - 130933


Frame Details

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JJ Black Wayfarer Sunglasses - 130933

JJ Black Wayfarer Sunglasses - 130933


JJ Black Wayfarer Sunglasses - 130933

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Order these if you want a pair of dummy lenses.
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If your prescribed power is between -4 to +4, then you can customise your Sunglasses at a nominal cost of Rs. 1000 only. And don't worry, this won't take away the colour of the lenses you liked, so more power to you!

No Power:
These are zero powered (regular) lenses. For the lucky ones who don't have a power or just prefer wearing contact lenses with your sunglasses instead!


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Frame Details


16 mm
147 mm

60 mm
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How to know your Face Size?

1 Credit Card Method: -
1. Take a Debit/Credit card
This is the approximate width of a medium Eyeglass, Sunglass
2. Stand in front of a mirror.
Place one tip of the card on center of your nose and touch the other towards the edge of eye.
3. Now check the position of the card: -
If card extends beyond the corner of the eye
Size is SMALL
If card roughly touches the corner of the eye
Size is MEDIUM
If card doesn't reach the corner of the eye
Size is LARGE
2 if you've existing eyeglass

You can easily found the size of frame by looking on the inside of your eyeglass temples (arm pieces). Below you'll find a quick guide to helping you identify your eyeglasses.

Lens Width & Frame Size

Frame Size




Below 48 mm

Below 55mm


48 mm- 55 mm

56 mm- 64 mm


Above 55 mm

Above 64 mm

We select the best index as per your eye power

Spherical Eye Power Index
0 to -5 1.6
-5 to -9 1.67
-9 & Above 1.74
0 to +3 1.6
+3 to +6 1.67
+6 & Above 1.74
JJ Black Wayfarer Sunglasses - 130933

Know your lenses!

  • Offers 100% UV protection
  • Sport an anti-glare and scratch-resistant surface
  • Crafted in cool shatter-proof polycarbonate
  • With 1-year warranty and maintenance screwdriver
Find your frame size

Lens Width is a number between 40 and 60, usually located in your prescription or inside your old frame temples.

50mm & below

51mm to 54

55mm & above


According to our calculations, you have a face size. They say that most leaders have faces. You should probably be aware of that when you select a frame.

This Frame is of a bit smaller size. Browse our Medium / Large Size Frames
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